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The Trusted Name in Pool Liner Installation

Since 2009, we’ve made a real difference for pool owners by providing beautiful in-ground pool liners, custom pool covers, and unmatched installation services. We understand that your pool is a significant investment, and we believe that keeping it beautiful and functional doesn’t have to break the bank or cause a lot of stress. Thanks to our 10 years of experience, we’re able to offer those foundational services that make all the difference for homeowners in New Jersey.

As a Merlin-authorized dealer, we make it easy for pool owners to access the best liners and covers in the industry. We’re proud to have been screened and approved by HomeAdvisor, and our dedication to excellence has earned us top ratings. Led by owner Shawn McGonagle, we’re excited to continue our tradition of excellence and take it to the next level. Because we take a long-term view with each of our clients, we always make time to get into the details of our work and make sure our workmanship is world-class. We want our high-quality pool liners and durable pool covers to last for years and surpass your expectations.

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Trust Us To Help Keep Your Pool Looking Great

To keep your pool looking its best and to avoid costly repairs, it’s necessary to keep up with regular pool maintenance and care. However, even if you strictly adhere to your maintenance schedule, your pool liner is likely to experience normal wear and tear. Sun exposure, everyday use, and cleaning chemicals can fade and wear down the vinyl liner in your inground pool. That’s why, after enjoying your pool for several years, you’ll probably have to have the liner replaced.

Whether you’re installing a new pool or it’s time to give your old pool a new lease on life, S&R Pools is here to serve you. We’ll honor your needs, budget, and timeline to make sure your interests are always put first. When you need experts who will protect your property and deliver the best workmanship for affordable prices, turn to S&R Pools.

Why Have a Pool Safety Cover Installed?

If your pool liner is starting to show its age with fading, cracking, or wrinkling, then it’s probably a good time to look into pool liner installation. That’s because if your liner has become worn or damaged then it’s more prone to leaks — and for a pool owner, that’s a very big problem. Leaks can require you to fill your pool more often, hurt your water pump, and even erode the soil around and underneath your pool. 

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Why Have a Pool Safety Cover Installed?

Most people cover their pool during the cool weather months, but they often use a winter cover and not a custom-fit safety cover. Although a winter cover can help keep out a majority of the dirt and debris, it does little with regard to safety. Custom-fit safety covers are secured in place so that people and animals don’t accidentally fall in. A safety cover is also more efficient at preventing water evaporation so you won’t have to add a bunch of water when you open your pool in the spring.

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Contact S&R Pools For Safety Covers and Pool Liner Installation

If you’ve been searching for an experienced team of professionals to install a new liner in your pool, look no further than S&R Pools. We offer a large selection of liner designs to choose from and can help you find just the right one to complement your pool. If you have questions about liners or custom covers or would like to learn more about the installation process, please contact us. Otherwise, if you’re ready to get started, give us a call or fill out our online form to get a free, no-hassle quote.

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