1. A Guide to Choosing a Winter Pool Cover

    Choosing the correct winter cover is an important decision, and what is best for your pool is not the same as what is best for your neighbors pool. Every pool owner has their own unique needs, you should choose the cover that is best for your pool. This guide is intended to provide you enough inform…Read More

  2. When is the best time to replace a pool liner?

    1. The Right Temperature: It is always best to install a liner when temperatures are above 65° with some sunshine. Liners should never be installed during temperatures below 50° and sunny. If you choose a pool liner that is thicker than standard (20 Mil is the standard thickness for in ground line…Read More

  3. Winter is here

    S&R Pools is a family owned and operated swimming pool company. Our focus is on our customers and our quality. We specialize in liner replacements and safety covers.…Read More