A swimming pool is a wonderful investment to your home, providing hours of non-stop enjoyment for you and your family. In fact, pools are great for winding down after a long work day or after finishing up weekend errands. Similarly, poolside areas are perfect for reading, relaxing, or taking in the sunshine. With this in mind, it is important to ensure your investment is maintained and protected at all times. 

With pool covers from S&R Pools, you can find the solutions you need to keep your swimming space protected and maintained throughout the year. We offer a wide selection of pool safety covers, including solid pool covers and mesh pool covers. No matter the shape or size of your swimming pool, our experts can help you choose a quality, durable pool cover that will keep your pool protected and maintained. 

Experience These Benefits With Pool Safety Cover Installation

  • Reduces the risk of accidental drowning and other accidents
  • Prevents debris in your pool to reduce time spent on maintenance
  • Decreases the need for chemical adjustments
  • Makes opening your pool easier in the spring
  • Ease of mind knowing everything is safe and secure around your pool
  • Extends the lifetime of your pool equipment

If you are interested in installing a cover for your swimming pool, contact S&R Pools today!