If you have an inground pool in your yard, then you already know that you will need to install a safety pool cover over it before you close it up at the end of the season. Safety covers help keep children, pets, and other creatures out of your pool to prevent drownings when the pool is not being used. They can also help keep leaves and debris out, helping contribute to the cleanliness of your pool and keeping it in good condition for the year ahead.

If you just got a pool and don’t have a swimming pool cover or if your existing cover has seen better days and can no longer offer your pool the protection it needs, you can rely on the experts at S&R Pools for professional pool cover installation services. We install various pool cover types, including solid pool covers and mesh pool covers, from the best names in the industry. With top-rated pool covers paired with professional installation, you can gain peace of mind that your pool is protected.

Experience These Benefits With Pool Safety Cover Installation

  • Conserves pool water by reducing evaporation
  • Increases the water temperature in your pool
  • Reduces the risk of accidental drowning and other pool accidents
  • Helps you save time when opening your pool in the spring
  • Decreases the need for chemical adjustments
  • Extends the lifetime of your pool equipment

Contact the experts at S&R Pools to learn more about installing a swimming pool cover.